1972. – Born in Skopje

1997. – BA Graphic Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Pristina

2002. – MA Graphic Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Pristina

Lives and works in Belgrade

In an era which sets the stage for the fulfillment of the Gnostic Basilides’ prophesy which tells of the time when there will be no spirituality among humans left, when nothing but the psychic will remain, possessing no knowledge and denying all matters of the spirit, the time when everyone will settle for the world they inhabit, having no interest in the eternal life, with an ever-present fear of the Judgment Day, my body of work in its entirety has been an attempt to answer the Nietzsche’s question – “How does one become what one is?”

It is an attempt, in a hyper-modernized society in which the virtual and the physical realities blend, to predict what awaits us in the future, that is, a discreetly established strategy of distracting the observer, aiming to demonstrate how all the values – ethical, prophetic, God’s, human – are merely misplaced and are to be rediscovered. Or it even might be a post-post-modern reading of the archetypal myths, an ironic view of the past from a new paradigm, altered by the spirit of our time. There are no more ideas, no more values, the history has come to an end, and there is nothing worth the suffering, as stated by the apologists of the new age.

Starting from the explicitly emphasized myths, by deconstructing them, and then reconstructing them all over again into new narratives, each of my works strives to communicate the idea that the times change, people change; everything changes. Or nearly everything: because the underlying message is that the values do not change. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much we virtualize our reality, they still remain – in order to sustain the world.

Bratislav Radovanovic